Book Reviews

This is for members to to write brief summaries of books recently read (recently, as in last week/month, not as in last year)  Please email Mei-Ling a few sentences following the guidelines below.
  • What genre?
  • Why did I read it in the first place (gift/recommended/read a review/other
  • What was it all about?
  • Why I liked/disliked it. (plot, characters, literary style or lack thereof)
  • Would I recommend it –if so to whom?

To kick off:

Mei-Ling: Last month I read Bruny by Heather Rose. I read it because it was the May choice for my book club. (Plug for  Shore Thyme Book Club, here) . Bruny is a political thriller which involves a bridge being built in from Tasmania to Bruny Island. It features much political intrigue, both national and international, a frightening prospect which although far-fetched, is actually possible. I did not expect to enjoy it because this is not a genre I usually enjoy. However I was drawn into the plot and found most of the characters believable. It is a book which forces the reader to ask, “yes, what would happen if ….?”