To be launched 16th November at the Tuggerah Library at 10.00 ammore coming soon!

Update 16th October 2019

We have finally received our ISBN (International Standard Book Number) without which bookshops will not sell books.  Bob has found a bar code generator and put the two together. Final, final, last minute glitches have been addressed. File has been uploaded to printers. E-copy sent back to me for checking. Checking duly done. ONE hard copy ordered and in the system  ~~~ Why only one? Just in case there is anything not right we won’t have 300 incorrect copies on our hands.




In November 2018, Wyong Writers printed 100 copies of an anthology of our work which we sold to ourselves. Many people bought multiple copies to be used as Christmas gifts.

In December of that year, the idea was born to publish and sell to the public an anthology in 2019. In order to set about such an ambitious project we needed to do two things: to establish whether we had a market for such a book and when we had successfully done that, to apply for a grant from the council without which we could not dream of production on such a scale. We chose to write fictional stories celebrating community and belonging set on the Central Coast.

Although we did not know whether our grant would be successful, we all started writing to topic on the basis that even if we were not successful,  we would print again, albeit just  for ourselves. We gave ourselves a cut off point in July so that the lengthy process of editing, re-editing, layout and illustrations would not be rushed.

Where we are now

Now nearing completion. Here is a sneak preview of the front cover.