2022 Anthology in progress

This section is designed for Wyong Writers members only. It is not private or closed, but will probably not make any sense to visitors.

a reminder of our original set background

  1. It is to be a large wedding
  2. It is to be set in the Hunter valley
  3. It will take place in the Autumn– Saturday  May 22nd 2021
  4. The actual ceremony will take place at 5pm
  5. It will be secular
  6. It will cost approx $100,000
  • Each member has  drawn a character from whose point of view we are to write.
  • Each writer has  1500 words in which to write an account of the day from his/her point of view.
  • First person, past tense.
  • You may wish to think of it as a diary entry or a letter to a friend. The important thing is that your character’s tale is told. You may start wherever you like — newer writers might like to start with the alarm clock going off. It may help to structure your piece.
  • The first big turning point is where the young daughter of the unexpected guest, goes to the groom crying, “Daddy, Daddy.” Remember to describe the ensuing chaos from the point of view of your character.
  • After this the second and final turning point is when the groom and Kerry and Pearl walk off into the sunset. Each character will have his/her crisis leading to his/her resolution.
  • weather on the day. We will go with whatever the real weather gives us on that date. (post the day: It was actually grey and overcast)

For those members wishing to write the car hire story for the competition, here are the points you will need to take into account for this particular story:

Bride is Izabella Donato, attractive, flirtatious.

Father of the bride is Enrico Donato — wealthy textile importer. Owns a Rolls Royce.

Mother of the bride is Marina Donato — stylish but distant.

Groom is Eddie Brown — muscular and fashionable.

The wedding venue is the Hotel Cacciatore in the Hunter Valley. The bridal part of the wedding party will all be staying there overnight before the wedding. They originally come from (East) Sydney.


Everything below this point refers to the 2019 Anthology


Some comments for Community & Belonging by Robyn Eliott:

“…I  loved the story of the shop on the corner of Hope Street and the Tennis Club, but the story that impressed me most was Jennifer Godfrey’s story of diving to the Adelaide Wreck, both well written and informative. I also particularly enjoyed the Disabled Surfers story and Terrigal Dawn Service.”


The book will cost you $12.00. It makes it an ideal stocking filler or small Christmas gift.

The book will be available from the following places:

The Entrance Visitor Information Centre, 46 Marine Parade, The Entrance 2261.

for members and visitors, from Wyong Writers monthly meetings (4th Saturday of the month) for the next few months.

For those people finding it difficult to get to any of the above places, you can also order from Anne Neilsen

Once your cheque has been cleared, or the money has been deposited in our bank account, it can be posted to you for an additional $3.00.

If you happen to know any member of Wyong Writers, that person will be able to buy for you directly.

Happy reading!


Launch day 16th November 2019

The day has come and everyone’s hard work has been rewarded. We were grateful that Emma McBride, Federal MP for Dobell, Louise Greenaway, councillor for Wyong ward, and Trevar Langlands, president of the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW, were able to come and introduce various aspects of our story collection.











Update 13th November 2019

After some nail biting days, all 300 books have arrived. (We were promised between 5-7 days so they should have arrived last week!). We are ready to go. We have a few outlets for post-launch sales and are looking forward to the launch.

Update 1st November 2019

Email from printers to say order has been dispatched. Should be between 5 – 7 days.

Update 22nd October 2019

Inspection copy arrived, checked and 300 ordered.

Update 21st October 2019

Email received from printers. Our proof copy is on its way.

Update 16th October 2019

We have finally received our ISBN (International Standard Book Number) without which bookshops will not sell books.  Bob has found a bar code generator and put the two together. Final, final, last minute glitches have been addressed. File has been uploaded to printers. E-copy sent back to me for checking. Checking duly done. ONE hard copy ordered and in the system  ~~~ Why only one? Just in case there is anything not right we won’t have 300 incorrect copies on our hands.




In November 2018, Wyong Writers printed 100 copies of an anthology of our work which we sold to ourselves. Many people bought multiple copies to be used as Christmas gifts.

In December of that year, the idea was born to publish and sell to the public an anthology in 2019. In order to set about such an ambitious project we needed to do two things: to establish whether we had a market for such a book and when we had successfully done that, to apply for a grant from the council without which we could not dream of production on such a scale. We chose to write fictional stories celebrating community and belonging set on the Central Coast.

Although we did not know whether our grant would be successful, we all started writing to topic on the basis that even if we were not successful,  we would print again, albeit just  for ourselves. We gave ourselves a cut off point in July so that the lengthy process of editing, re-editing, layout and illustrations would not be rushed.

Where we are now

Now nearing completion. Here is a sneak preview of the front cover.