Autumn News 2017

November, 2017

The results are here for the in house competition with the theme of ‘ a room’.

Elizabeth McVie was placed first with, ‘New Life’.

Jan Forrester was placed second with, ‘Will to survive’.

Yvonne Sorenson was placed third with, ‘Grandad’s Room’.

Congratulations to all.

We say ‘goodbye’ to Shirley Goodbar, who has been a long standing member and who has contributed much to Wyong Writers over the fifteen years of her membership. We wish her well with her new membership of Isolated Writers.


October, 2017

Wyong Writers AGM has returned the following:

President: Mei-Ling Venning, Vice President: Yvonne Sorensen, Secretary: Mavis Gunter, Assistant Secretary: Margaret Young, Treasurer: Elizabeth McVie, Publicity Officer: Jan Forrester, Returning Officer: Shirley Goodbar, and Webmaster: Derek Recei.


Pat and Mei-Ling both attended a SCBWI (Society for Childrens’ Book Writers and Illustrators) conference in the Brahama Kumaris centre. Authors and publishers were at hand to advise on specific projects undertaken during the weekend. Peer-group critiquing furthered the project’s completion.

September, 2017

Mei-Ling attended a weekend workshop “Spinning Straw into Story Gold” run by the Society of Women Writers NSW. This took place in the beautiful  Brahama Kumaris centre in Wilton, with an impressive lineup of authors, editors and publishers.

The Scribblers group have had another successful ‘brainstorming’ afternoon.ideas flowed in regarding (1) adding layers to the basic plan of a new novel (2) sorting out a time line for a multi-generational novel (3) revisiting a short story with a view to using the main character in a stronger and longer and very different short story.


August, 2017
Shirley’s poem ‘A Cautionary Tale’ has been awarded Highly Commended in the recent Scribes Traditional Verse Poetry Competition.
July, 2017
Kathryn Coughran to facilitated an excellent workshop on ‘Writers’ Block’.

Wyong writers welcomes new member Shari Whittick.


June, 2017
Barbara’s poem ‘Barriers’ was published in Writers Voice.
Wyong Writers welcomes three new members: Jonn Christie, Holly Jones and Ray Myers.
Mei-Ling’s play ‘The Germophobe’ was given a staged reading by Gosford Uniting Productions on 23rd June.
May, 2017
Jan won the in house Poetry Competition.

Elizabeth, Yvonne and Mei-Ling went to the opening night of the Tuggerah Lakes Arts Society exhibition at the Wyong Art House. Writing by Wyong Writers was displayed along with pictures by Karen Williams.


April, 2017
Margaret has had a poetry “Chat Book” published by Ginninderra Press.

Margaret and Shirley both took part in the Australian Spirit exhibition.

Margaret and Shirley at the Australian Spirit Exhibition

Service No. 2950000
Memories do not grow old
as bodies grow old;
they live forever
with the clarity of their creation
in the mind of their creator.
She was
a young woman
called like young men to
an unsuspecting adventure.
From Malaysia she still sees
armies of ants
parading their cockroach captives
through her sleeping quarters;
feels the hypnotic stares
of black cobras
at her entry door.
In Viet Nam her heart clenches
and cries dry tears.
She reads letters from home
for eyes that cannot see…
writes letters to loved ones
for arms that cannot move…
listens to the hopes of souls
scarred by terror…
She marvels at the bravery
born of Fear
and lives the courage
born of Caring
She is Red Cross Volunteer
Army No. 2950000
© Shirley Goodbar
January 2017

March, 2017
Jan’s poem “Blue Ocean” was published in the March edition of “Your Coast Local Magazine”. We have also had one more ad hoc “Fix-it” session. Writing problems addressed included a back-story for a major character towards the beginning of a novel and a possible change of direction at the end of another novel.

Summer News 2016 – 2017

February, 2017
Mei-Ling, Yvonne and Elizabeth were invited to talk to the Physical Disability Council of New South Wales on 7th February 2017. The focus of the meeting was poetry. Many members were not able to be there but we met Melanie Schlaeger who runs the group, Jonn Christie whose first book of poems was published in August of 2016 and a new member, Terri Lyn.
We are hoping Jonn will come to our February meeting and bring along some of his poetry books to sell to us.

*NEW* Wyong Writers now has an occasional “Writing Clinic” or “Fix-It” session. This will be run on an ad hoc basis, whenever a group of people feels it would be helpful. At present, we think this will be about once a month. The first one was held on 1st February 2017. Four people brought their current “writing problems” all of which were related to current pieces of work. One person’s quandary regarded the possible structure of a novella about a deceased relative. The second person brought a partly written children’s novel with a problematic character. The third person brought a barely begun but planned novel with a tricky stumbling block near the beginning. The fourth person brought a plan of a memoir started many years previously. Throughout the afternoon, the group provided help in the form of brainstorming. Since each of the four writers has specific strengths, the group was also able to draw on those strengths for helpful and positive suggestions in order to assist one other.
January, 2017
Margaret Young has five poems published in the Blue Room Poets Anthology

Mei-Ling’ short story “Keeping Track” was awarded commended in Lambing Flats FAW competition.

Spring News 2016

Mavis’s story “Cobwebs” was published in FreeXpressions.
Wyong Writers in-house competition results are in: 1st place: “Keeping Track” by Mei-Ling.
2nd place: “Modern Day Epiphany” by Elizabeth.
A staged reading of Elizabeth’s play “The Bequest” was read/performed at Gosford Uniting Church by the Untiting Productions company on Friday 25th November.
Elizabeth has been awarded Highly Commended, in the Central Coast Libraries competition. The story for this was “Firey Dances”. Congratulations Elizabeth.
Other news of Elizabeth’s achievements– her story “Fractured Love” was published in Positive Words.
Wyong Writers have had another productive meeting with Tuggerah Lakes Arts Society, but have now decided that a joint venture is not feasible just yet. We will meet again in another six months time.
Mavis had two short stories published in FreeXpressions, “The Breakfast Egg” and “The Wet Frog”. They were in a section called “Krazy Korner”.
Margaret had five poems published in an anthology of poetry published by the Blue Room Poets.

Winter News 2016

STOP PRESS: Wyong Writers will be getting together with Tuggerah Lakes Arts Society for a joint project.
Book Expo 1

Mei-Ling and Yvonne attended the Central Coast Authors’ Expo
at Erina Library on 20th July. About twelve Central Coast
authors were able to bring books and meet other local writers
for networking and selling. The Central Coast libraries also
facilitated an interesting talk by Cathie Tasker, local author and editor.





Mei-Ling’s play The WaveGermophobe was performed at

The Woy Woy Peninsula Theatre in July.




Shirley won the in-house poetry competition.




Autumn News 2016

May: Kathryn Coughran facilitated an excellent workshop entitled Tips and Techniques to give your Writing the Edge. She used the novel as a model for this presentation.
Mei-Ling’s play The Germophobe has been accepted by Woy Woy Little Theatre for their Flash Festival and will be performed on July 1st, July 2nd and July 3rd. Tickets available from the theatre online.


Summer News 2016

Mei-Ling published Pelican Bay. Michelle has Down Syndrome.Her city childhood is protected by her parents …  until when 18 years old, the family relocate to the Central Coast. Michelle is miserable until she glimpses fresh possibilities. New activities and friendships beckon, but many hurdles, including her loving family, obstruct the road to independence.417rxUHABwL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_

Buy here:






14th February 2016: Mei-Ling participated in a day for play writing at the Peninsular Theatre Woy Woy. This was an excellent mix of presentation and mentoring and was facilitated by Suzanne Hauser.
Stop Press: 19th January  2016:  Mavis Gunter has just been inteviewed by Caroline Perryman on ABC Radio, Central Coast.


The Monday afternoon Scribblers group now have a closed facebook group.This is specifically for sharing information regarding critiquing. It is also a valuable tool for establishing who is coming to each meeting.


SPRING News 2016

November 2015

Kaleidoscope by Shirley Goodbar

Shirley Goodbar has published a collection of her poetry called Kaleidoscope – Poetry for People.

“Life is, indeed, a kaleidoscope. Each day Fate twists the tube and we never know what pattern will fall; we cannot guess the colours or shapes that will form our experiences as we move through each day.”

Buy Shirley’s book HERE

Wyong Writers Prose competition results:
1st place Rose Fox — The Halyard Thread
2nd Place Shirley Goodbar — The Pawnbroker
3rd Place Margaret Young — Going to Grandma’s

October 2015

Mavis Gunter book

Mavis Gunter has published “One and One Makes Five”, a book of stories and anecdotes based on the experiences of a family living in a wattle and daub house on a small farm in the bush between the years of 1932 to 1942.

It illustrates the challenges of living without water or electricity and the hardships encountered due to a ten year drought and The Depression. Many animals lived and died during this period and their antics were adored by the five children.

Buy Mavis’s book HERE

September 2015
Shirley published her book of poems Kaleidoscope. See Shirley if you’d like to buy a copy of it.
Mei-Ling’s play Grey Skies was performed at the Woy Woy Flash Festival. It gained 3rd place in the production category.

Winter News 2015

June 2015

Mei-Ling won the Wyong Writers poetry trophy for her poem “Perfect World”
ML trophy

Mandy’s play “Telephones” was read by Gosford Untiing Productions on Friday 26th June.

Mandy Play

Autumn News 2015

May 2015:
A play reading of Mavis’s newest plays. “The Homecoming” and “In the Beginning” were read by Uniting Productions at the Gosford Uniting Church on Friday 22nd May.

2nd May: Yvonne & Mei-Ling attended the FAWNSW AGM in Sydney. 20150502_121338res

April 2015: Mandy’s play ‘The Op Shop Ladies’ had a staged reading at the Gosford Uniting Church, performed by the Uniting Players. This took place at the end of April, despite horrible weather conditions.

Cast of Mandy's play

Cast of Mandy’s play

Mandy, Yvonne and Mei-Ling took part in the Woy Woy Little Theatre Flash Festival Play Writing weekend.

Actors in 'Grey Skies' by Mei-Ling

Actors in ‘Grey Skies’ by Mei-Ling

This was hosted by Alex Broun and was an excellently run weekend in which all participating writers

* learned much about the skills of writing for the theatre.

* actually wrote a short complete play

* got to see it performed by actors

Twelve participating writers were given an easily accessible visit to the land of make-believe together with a tool box of goodies to help create authentic characters and believable plots within credible worlds.

Some writers managed to write more than one play and an incredible sixteen plays were performed on the Sunday.

This is an amazing opportunity run by the Woy Woy Little theatre, made possible by Gosford Council not to mention the in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience of Alex Broun.

The partaicipating writers with Alex Broun

The participating writers with Alex Broun

Actors playing 'Escape' by Yvonne

Actors playing ‘Escape’ by Yvonne

Actors playing Geordie's Medal by Mandy

Actors playing Geordie’s Medal by Mandy

Summer News 2014/15

Conditions for the in-house poetry competition are as follows:
1 To be short: Approx 16 lines
2 To focus on small things in daily life
3 If possible include people and animals in natural surroundings
4 Rural setting can most definitely be in Australia
5 There are no constraints regarding rhyme or metre

February 2015: Elizabeth has had a staged play reading of one of her scripts, Special Bond, along with two other scripts, by Uniting Productions at the Gosford Uniting Church, with a possibility of later fully staged performance.

January 2015: The in-house prose competition results are as follows
1st place: Beyond Last Rites by Mei-Ling
2nd place: The Jardiniere by Yvonne Sorenson
3rd place: The Right Place by Derek
The requirements for the poetry competition (due in November) will be announced during the February meeting.

December 2014:Mei-Ling has completed a short course on Cognitive Poetics, run by Futurelearn UK. Cognitive poetics considers the ways in which readers of fiction texts read the minds of fictional characters therein. Futurelearn is a MOOC (massive open online course) Futurelearn operates under the Open University umbrella. It is free to participate, easy to access and excellent quality. Keep looking, they may run this course again!

December 2014: Derek has had a short story, Icarus, long-listed in the Margaret River Press short story competition.

Mei-Ling and Margaret