In 2020 we will still have a focus for each meeting but it will be driven by specific needs of the members. We will retain the ten-minute writing exercise at some stage during each meeting, because members enjoy this and have chosen to keep this for 2020. Those not wishing to share their writing are welcome to ‘pass’. There is also a change in the timing of the critiquing sessions. Members feel that during 2020 we might experiment with s separate critiquing sessions, one for poetry and one for prose.

DECEMBER 2019    No meeting. Members’ Christmas lunch 3rd December.

PROGRAMME FOR 2020(almost always 4th Saturday)

This is not put together in detail yet, but we do have the first four months!

Jan Mitchell, from Lake Macquarie FAW, will talk to us about the judging process and how to improve stories submitted for competitions


Marketing. We will look at the marketing plan which was put together for us by Nicole Gibson for our 2019 Anthology. Those members who have had a marketing plan for their own books, will also bring in, present salient points and discuss.

MARCH 22nd   

Self publishing. Those members who have already self published will give 5 – 10 mins talking about the rationale of their choices. This includes kindle, e-pub and smashwords.

APRIL 18th Please note this is the 3rd Saturday

Different perspectives: This suggestion came out of a follow on activity the group undertook after a talk by Johan in 2019  on point of view. The activity was enjoyed so much that people decided they would like to do it again, maybe continuing form the last “episode”. 

MAY 23rd

The rest of the year has not been planned precisely. The following ideas have been offered by members: (1) Writing for magazines including e-zines, (2) the process of uploading e books,(3&4)  2 separate sessions on critiquing, (5) controlling research, (6)humour for the purposes of lightening an otherwise sombre piece, and (8) organising your project. 

JUNE 27th


JULY 25th









DECEMBER 2020 No meeting. Members’ Christmas lunch

DECEMBER 2019    No meeting. Members’ Christmas lunch 3rd December.

******************PREVIOUS MEETINGS IN 2019*************************

JANUARY 19th (This was the 3rd Saturday not the 4th. All other meetings this year are on the 4th Saturday).

Focus of meeting was social media and was presented by Pat.


Focus of meeting was poetic form in prose writing . This was presented by Jan. Work by Pat was critiqued.

MARCH 23rd

Poetry competition entries were given to Mavis. Theme “Spring”. Focus of meeting was character and was presented by Mavis. Story for anthology by Ray was critiqued.

APRIL 27th

Focus of meeting will be writing for children and was presented by Pat. A story for the anthology by Elizabeth was  critiqued.

MAY 25th

Focus of meeting was publishing, marketing and the author platform and was presented by Mei-Ling. Work by Mavis was critiqued.

JUNE 22nd

Focus of meeting was show don’t tell and will be presented by Shari. Shari’s story for the anthology was also critiqued.

JULY 27th

Kathryn Coughran facilitated a workshop for the group — subject Mindfulness in Writing. We requested $10.00 from both members and from visitors on this occasion.  Reminder All submissions for the 2019 anthology were due.


Focus of meeting was point of view presented by Johan. This was also the deadline for the prose competition entries. Fiction or non-fiction with the themes of Fire, Flood or Drought (or any combination) within Australia.


Focus of meeting was the five senses and was presented by Margaret Young. We also introduced a 10 minute “Computer clinic” with reference to Word, and a 5 minute “Grammar Gripe”.


AGM + discussions regarding the 2019 Anthology, and consideration of a handout by Jan Mitchell on the critique process.


Focus of meeting was memoir and was presented by Mandy.


DECEMBER 2018 no meeting — party Thursday 6th December 12.00

Previous meetings in 2018


Focus for the meeting was creating a ‘character arc’. The group looked at the way a character grows and changes at various stages of a short story, novel, play or film. Using ideas from the whole group, a character arc was created. A fifteen minute writing exercise about a character at one specific part of his/her journey, was completed. We welcomed four visitors.


*Programme was changed*  In order to support the FAW/SENIOR CARD joint Memoir Writing Competition, a  Memoir Writing Workshop was facilitated by:

Cate Plink: vice-president of FAWNSW

Mavis Gunter: published Memoir Writer

Yvonne Sorensen: in the process of writing her own Memoirs

Pat Webb: has undertaken a university course on Memoir Writing

MARCH 24th

Focus for the meeting was creating a ‘meaty’ antagonist. This was facilitated by member, Lynda Ryan.

APRIL 28th

Focus for the meeting was critiquing AND brainstorming.  Anne brought a travel article and Elizabeth brought a short story. We used the “sandwich” method for critiquing. Mei-Ling brought a terrible story, by an unknown author, which members were invited to tear apart. After that we re-wrote the story. Mei-Ling also brought a plot problem for brainstorming.

MAY 26th

Focus for the meeting was speculative fiction.

JUNE 23th

Outside speaker, Kathryn Coughran facilitated a workshop on use of photographs to make writing powerful.  An excellent afternoon, atended by many members and four visitors.

JULY 28th

Focus for the meeting was poetry. This was facilitated by Jan and Margaret.


Focus for the meeting was critiquing. Work was brought by Shari and visitor Caroline.


Focus for the meeting was publishing & the author platform.


Focus for the meeting was critiquing + AGM


Focus of meeting was in three parts: (1) unveiling the anthology, (2) a discussion of next year’s programme and (3) the newspaper article the newspaper or magazine article.


Previous meetings in 2017

JANUARY 28th, 2017
There were two focal points to our January meeting. Karen Williams brought three large paintings which will be exhibited in the Art House during May. Wyong Writers will be able to use these as inspiration and our work will be exhibited alongside Karen’s for that exhibition. We also examined a recently published short story, “Wake me when it’s over” by Stafford Ray. This is published in the summer edition of ‘Writers Voice’. All members had access to it. The function of the examination was to find what criteria we thought the editors used to choose it and to learn from its strengths. We briefly discussed goals for 2017 and performed a quick ‘writing clinic’ for Wendy Adams.

FEBRUARY 25th, 2017

Jonn Christie joined us as a visitor and brought his poetry book along.
Among other things, this was a critiquing day. A section of Margaret’s memoir was critiqued.

MARCH 25th, 2017
Focus of the meeting ‘time passing’. Members were encouraged to bring excepts (up to max one short paragraph, but possibly only phrase or sentence) of powerful writing from a well-known author to illustrate.
Also deadline for poetry competition. Members brought entries and gave to Mavis.

APRIL 22nd, 2017
The focus was critiquing, one piece of descriptive writing and one narrative of experience.

MAY 27th, 2017
Unfortunately the RSL had a booking for the upstairs hall and we met downstairs.Focus of the meeting was ‘plot’ or ‘structure’. Members were encouraged to bring examples of plots which in their opinion work well. We discussed hero’s journey etc.

JUNE 24th, 2017
New Meeting place: Woodbury Park Community Centre, 1 Woolmers Crescent, off Woodbury Park Dr, Mardi
Focus of the meeting was ‘building character’. Members were encouraged to bring excepts (up to max one short paragraph, but possibly only phrase or sentence) of powerful writing from a well-known author to illustrate.
This was our first meeting at the new venue:
The Woodbury Park Community Centre
Three people who had visited previously, joined. JULY 22nd, 2017
Change of time: 1.15-4.15 Outside Presenter and Facilitator Kathryn Coughran talked about unlocking ‘Writer’s Block’. There was a $10.00 charge for this for both members and visitors.

AUGUST 26th, 2017
The focus was a critiquing day. The group focused on six aspects. One new member joined today.

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2017
Focus of the meeting was editing. This was facilitated by Barbara who worked as an editor in a ‘previous life’.

OCTOBER 28th, 2017
AGM also focus of the meeting ‘setting’. Members considered ways that the place or setting could be indicated in a piece of dialogue.

NOVEMBER 25th, 2017
The focus was a critiquing day. Theme “Water” was regarded as “homework” for those who wished it.


Meetings during 2016

JANUARY 23rd, 2016: Focus of meeting was Memoir. The discussion was led by Mavis who has recently (October 2015) published her memoir. However, many members have attended workshops and courses on this form of writing, and brought notes and information about the process of memoir writing. Members did a short writing exercise centred on a memory from the last few weeks.

FEBRUARY 27th, 2016: Critiquing day. Mandy, Jan, Elizabeth and Barbara brought work. Poetry competition entries were due in this meeting.

MARCH 19th, 2016 (Note this was the 3rd Saturday not the 4th – change because of Easter): Meeting was be led by Elizabeth, Mavis and Yvonne. The focus of meeting was be “Useful tips picked up from Screenwritieng course”. These tips flow over into all aspects of writing.

APRIL 16th, 2016 (Note this was the 3rd Saturday not the 4th – change becasue of Anzac Day): Critiquing day.

MAY 28th, 2016: Kathryn Coughran facilitated a workshop on Tips and Techniques to Give Your Writing the Edge. Eleven members and nine visitors attended this excellent workshop which used the novel as a model for planning.

JUNE 25th, 2016: Focus of meeting changed. It would have been the novel, but the excellent workshop at the May meeting used the novel as a model. The focus was therefore on the Short Story.

JULY 23rd, 2016: Critiquing day.
AUGUST 27th, 2016: Focus of the meeting was writing non-fiction. Various forms were considered, including letter writing. Changes in style and form were considered as well as the important matter of audience. Emphasis was on the kinds of non-fiction writing that the members felt they would like to address. A short writing exercise gave each member the oppotunity to flex their non-fiction writing muscles.

SEPTEMBER 24th 2016: focus on A sense of place within writing

OCTOBER 22nd, 2016: Focus of the meeting was poetry. Outside speaker, Beryl Stirling, led the discussion. Relevant notes from workshops and courses were also welcome.

NOVEMBER 26th, 2016 Wyong Writers AGM. Positions elected as followes:
President: Mei-Ling Venning
Vice-President: Yvonne Sorensen
Secretary: Mavis Gunter
Assistant Secretary: Mandy Byrne
Treasurer: Elizabeth McVie
Publicity: Rose Fox
Visitors were welcomed and were given a chance to tell us what they hoped to get out of joining us.
Work by Hannah Vincent was critiqued, and a ten minute written exercise was used as an example of the completely different approaches and writing styles of our members. The programme for next year was discussed.
DECEMBER 2016: No meeting. Social get-together/party 9th December